The Trnávka – Czech Rafters Mecca
Raft races on the Trnávka have been offering for years the opportunity to see the best Czech racers. Due to the successes of the Czech racers at international races in the long-run, several crews with the title of world champions, Trnavka European champions or a medal from these championships – both in the man and woman category – have been regularly visiting the event.
* 16.-17.6. 07 – Trnavka R4 – Czech cup
* 25.-26.8. 07 – EP Sunnysoft Cup Trnávka R6
Central Europe’s most difficult artificial course perfectly tests the quality of the best crews. However, a suitable placement of obstacles allows also the participation of technically less competent. In the R4 category, there are regularly more than 80 crews including more than 10 woman ones. Trnavka More than 30 rafts participace in the R6 races and their numer is growing every year.
Since water to the the artifical slalom course is supplied from a local reservoire which at the same time serves as a drinking water source, races only take place here several times a year. Not even Czech crews have the chance to train on the Trnávka regularly so that the race in no way favours local rafters.
Raft races
Besides one or two training weekends, the RK Stan team organises every year two races on the Trnávka. In June, slalom and sprint in the R4 category, in September the R6 European Cup including run, Trnavka slalom and sprint. Both these races are open to rafters from all around the world.
Foreign crews can borrow Colorado rafts for R4 races. This must however be agreed upon in advance. (Borrowing R4 rafts is not a standard service provided by the organisers; it concerns those foreign crews that cannot bring a raft of their own. Potential candidates should contact RK Stan organisers some time before the race and arrange the details. If the organisers cannot provide their own raft, they can mediate its renting from a hire firm). As for the R6 category, the organisers provide the rafts.
The racers can camp in their own tents for free in the Trnávka facility. A limited numer of beds in the local hostel is also available. The beds must be booked in time. Other accommodation opportunities are in private boarding houses in Želiv village (2 km from the course).

Odkud Kam km time
Praha Želiv 86 0:57
Brno Želiv 120 1:10
Olomouc Želiv 193 1:50
České Budějovice Želiv 100 1:30
Karlovy Vary Želiv 230 2:40
Ostrava Želiv 300 3:13
Bratislava Želiv 244 2:38
Wien Želiv 210 2:45
Linz Želiv 208 3:00
Salzburg Želiv 330 4:15
Berlin Želiv 440 4:45
Budapest Želiv 440 4:40
Frankfurt am Main Želiv 627 5:57

Other activities on the Trnávka
If you decide to visit Trnávka races, there is a number of other ways you can spend your time besides rafting. The artificial slalom course is located in the beautiful nature of the mountainous landscape of the Vysočina and there are many architectonically precious sites in the region. The mountainous terrain is ideal for biking of various difficultness. There is a numer of opportunities for hikers as welll. You can also relax in the local natural open air pool.
If you are interested in including the Trnávka races in your holiday programme in the Czech Republic, we are ready to give you and advice concerning other water terrain suitable for rafting as well as other sites of potential interest.
If  you have any questions, feel free to contact RK Stan organisers at:




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